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With E-LOGBOOK’s exceptional range of web-based vehicle management solution, fleet operators will be able to relish acceleration and mileage, usage of fuel, location of the vehicle, and other applications. We are here to assist our users with wide range of services through the software. We will:

Connect users with their company

Provide knowledge

Assist you with compliance

Complete profit information


Since established, E-LOGBOOK has served numbers of clients and even more subscribed commercial vehicle worldwide.

Our team of senior management has years’ of knowledge and experience in practicing and developing business processes and certifications in the carrier and logistics business segment. We bring DOT compliance knowledge and ideal practices to the table in every square of software we create.


The tracking device will assist you with wide range of benefits and will also save you money and time in a big way. Below mentioned are few benefits of fleet tracking device:

  • Affordable fuel costs
  • Automatically compile VINs*
  • Track the route of vehicle
  • Reduce emissions
  • Probably lower insurance premiums
  • Reduce disruptions


Organize alerts to remember your unit or your mechanic of service needs on the horizon by hours of use, date, or mileage of the respective vehicle.

Furnish automatic alerts when your commercial vehicles are not on duty

Manage fleet maintenance

Record past services

Setting up reminders

The logbook system was exclusively developed around offering stand-alone compliance devices for the upcoming E-LOGBOOK. The devices are Bluetooth enabled, simple to equip and perfect for commercial fleets seeking for quick and compliant ELD solutions.

Keep Trucking App Services and Products:

Our tutorial will eventually get your commercial vehicles and trucks furnished and FMCSA ELD compliant in less than 30 minutes a vehicle.

The ELD devices factions with latest operating systems, and come attached with the whole entire operating system if you are a regular electronic logbook user. The backend of the product server exclusively allows for basic vehicle and driver set up and can administer imports of each tractor and driver setup. Our user-friendly interfaces offer confidence to the operator about the future changes and how to operate their gears.

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