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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

I understand by submitting any information to an Expert Marketing Service/Expertly Market (EMS) form an agent of EMS may/will contact me to discuss services EMS offers. I also understand that NONE of the information captured will be sold or distributed to any other parties outside of EMS. Upon my request EMS will remove my information from any contact list be it direct mail, email or phone list EMS uses to gain clients. By submitting any form I am only requesting contact to discuss product offerings EMS may offer. I am under no obligation to purchase any product or service offered by EMS.


Stop worrying xD – we respect your privacy and will not, under any circumstances share your information with any 3rd party because we hate spam just as much as you do.


If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to email us at info@expertmarketingservice.net

Attn: Legal Department
1221 E. Dyer Road , Suite 250.
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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Phone: 949-313-915
Email: info@expertmarketingservice.net


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